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Learning to Live Out Loud: The Path to Happy

Learning to live out loud began as a mission just over four years ago. We were on a mission to raise awareness about bullying. We were forging the trail of equality, love, and acceptance.
We haven’t stopped learning to live out loud! In fact we are embarking on the next leg of our journey.
This time we are on the path to happy! We are forging a trail of freedom, health, and happiness.
Life is about having freedom. For some, freedom is standing on the mountain top with your arms spread wide, cool night air in your face, sky filled with stars. For others, freedom is living from one adventure to the next. It is about living in the frequency/vibration of joy and excitement; about finding happiness in all you do.
Health is absolutely everything!!! As owners of a very successful chiropractic wellness center in North Carolina, we have witnessed this play out in the lives of thousands of patients.
Our central nervous system is where it all starts. Your central nervous system consists of your brain and spinal cord. 3 trillion messages are transmitted through that system every second! Did you hear that?
Every second (60 per minute) 3 trillion inputs are transmitted through your spine and up to your brain, that is if your central nervous system is working properly.
What has it work properly, you might ask? That has to do with the quality of the information and the timing of its arrival to the brain.
Like any good system, the function follows structure. Your car has the ability to navigate the road due to its structural design. The function of the central nervous system has to do with the structure of the spine.
And then there is happiness. Happiness is a state of mind. It isn’t just a place to visit. It is a way of being. It is a vibration. Happiness is everything!
Shenna Shotwell                        Dr. Cheryl Hanly
 Happiness is finding ways to make your heart sing in every moment.
We are devoting our life to the embodiment of happiness! Come join us on our adventure!

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