Next Extinction

We, the 99%, should be kicking some 1% ass but we don’t! We just shake our heads and shout “ain’t that sumthin” and go on about our day! The people are beginning to wake up and it’s going to take a lot of us to keep educating the masses!! We have been lied to for decades and it’s not going to stop. Knowledge is power and that has never been more true than now!!! I can’t do very much to protect myself without knowledge about the water I drink, the food I eat, the medicines I take.

People are starting to understand our government does Not have our best interest at heart! And that everything is money motivated! Even killing our friends and family brings in a very pretty penny in the form of sickness and dis-ease. We are certainly the next extinction if us 99% don’t start doing something.

~Shenna Shotwell