Today Show

So we are watching the Today Show to check in Irma. We don’t have cable or satellite tv. They had a segment on aging. Big Pharma is going to get aging classified as a DISEASE!!!! That way age related illness can be blamed on an actual disease and have more medications like Metformin (?) covered by insurance!!! Are you kidding me??? Age related illness is caused by the disease of aging?!!!? Age related illness is caused by the lack of body movement and poor food choices!!! Oh and bad hydration habits!!!

I don’t know anything about Metformin (?) but they just said it was to help control blood sugar so people could still eat crap and not suffer immediate consequences. An artificial excuse to eat whatever they want. People!!!! Control your own blood sugar by watching what you eat!! Garbage In = Garbage Out!!!! Just because the bag of M&M’s says “Dark Chocolate” doesn’t mean it’s good for you!!! The words Organic and Kraft do not mix!!!

And buying “organic” from WalMart does not mean you are getting good quality food. Labeling laws in this country do not protect YOU the consumer. The segment went on to mention the consideration of prescribing Metformin (?) to perfectly healthy adults as a preventive measure from aging!!!

Y’ALL please wake up!!!! Take your own preventive measures by eating good healthy food, quality water and exercise!!!

Oh and good morning!!!

~ Shenna Shotwell