Health Insurance – What’s the Deal?

Wanna know how to deal with Obamacare and ACA and all that stuff………


Get healthy and stay healthy!! Don’t play the game of the medical model. Once you are in that hamster wheel you never get out. Choose natural alternatives. And don’t tell me your condition is too dire for natural remedies! Where do you think pharmaceuticals come from???? Natural remedies do not have the harmful chemicals or side effects like pills.

Watch what you eat, drink and breathe!!! Move your body and feed your mind!!! Change your attitude about your “condition”. Don’t talk about your “condition” on FB!!! Nothing better to feed a disease than a whole bunch of negative energy coming your way from people you don’t even know!!! Do your research and find plants to help you!!! Didn’t Creator say everything we need grows from the earth?

Stop freaking out that your healthcare is going away!!! YOU are your healthcare!!!! Where are you going??? I am almost 57 and I do not go to doctors!!!! When something comes up we make rubs from essential oils, drink teas and tinctures. My bones are very healthy!!! My balance is great so I don’t fall!!! Ticker is still ticking properly and my mind is great. Well, to me it’s great anyway!! LOL!! Take responsibility for YOUR health!!! Unless you are one of those people who feeds off of being sick.

Stop bitching about what you are losing and find out what you can gain from natural alternatives like chiropractic care, essential oils, acupuncture, whole food supplements and energy healing. If you don’t think it works, why are so many hospitals advertising their “wellness programs” these days??? Really people. Especially you who have been seeing your primary care doctor for years about what ails you!!!!

Don’t you realize you are a money source?!?!? There is zero interest in healing you!!! Healthy people DO NOT NEED doctors!!! Every time I see one of my friends post about “their ick”, you are owning it!! Every time you say “l have this or I have that”, you are declaring that you do indeed have that!!!

Try this on instead…..I HAVE HEALTH AND I HAVE PEACE IF MIND!!! MY BODY KNOWS WHAT TO DO BECAUSE MY CREATOR RUNS IT!!! Stop poisoning your body with legal and illegal drugs, diet sodas, fat free, low fat and lite foods and beverages. And water!!! Drink good water!!! If you think it costs too much to eat and drink healthy, have you seen the price of being sick these days!?!?!? Healthcare is a personal project.

Own the fact that you are created in the exact image of your Creator. What does your Creator look like to you? Yes….there are exceptions. A baby born with a hole in his heart needs attention. I get that. But as a general rule, we are born to be healthy. A lot of sickness is manifested by our diets and our thoughts. Get those right and be healthy. Really people. Really.

~ Shenna Shotwell

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