What do Tires and the Creator have in Common?

Oh Creator Loves us so!!! This I tell you I do know!!

So at 11,000 miles this happens!!! We feel the tires getting a little off. Check the computer and one of them is losing air. We drive several miles before finding a station to get some air. We pull in and get all lined up for air and the tanks do not work. So we drive a few more miles and find a brake and tire shop on the side of the road! Two of our tires were toast!!!!! Air would have done us no good!

So grateful we did not blow out at 70mph towing 21,000 pounds!! They happened to have our size and replaced them for us! We called Dodge! They will take care of them when we get back to town! We are the luckiest girls on the planet!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you Creator!!!

~ Shenna Shotwell