The AMA does not want you well. If you are well………you do not need them. If you do not need them………you do not pay them. If you do not pay them……..they go out of business. Simple as that.

We should be like the countries that pay their docs to keep them well. If they get sick, the doc does not get paid. So much money in keeping people sick in the US.

~Shenna Shotwell

Liver Damage From Supplements

Liver Damage From Supplements Is on the Rise

This is why it’s so very important to know the source of your supplements. Standard Process supplements are controlled from seed to seal so we KNOW there are no harmful ingredients. Most chiropractic offices carry Standard Process supplements. If you are taking suppies from WalMart, grocery stores, GNC, The Vitamin Shoppe or drug stores, you better do your due diligence on what you are taking.

There is one well known and heavily advertised “senior” supplement out there with antifreeze in it. The labeling laws make it very easy to hide ingredients.

~Shenna Shotwell

4 Wheel Mical

Ok. I can breathe now. I have to say how grateful I am to our Creator. He could have so easily taken my son Saturday night but chose not to. That phone call from my beautiful and amazing daughter-n-law yesterday morning was possibly the scariest phone call I have ever had. Mical was in a horrific 4 wheeler accident on Saturday.

A 1,200 pound Polaris landed on his back after he was tossed off of it. You can see a perfect roll bar stripe on his back in the photos they sent to me. His spine and brain are good! He has 6 broken ribs and puncture wounds to the lungs. Other than that, he is itching to get out of the hospital. I truly don’t know how many times I have said Thank You to our Creator. Chelsea just sent me a photo of Mical sitting up in his bed. He’s going to be fine. Again, I am so grateful!!!!

Y’all…..we do not know when it’s our time to go. Please make sure to tell those you love that you do love them. Make sure they know it. We never know when we are getting our last chance.

~Shenna Shotwell

Eye Exam

So here’s a story for you…….Last Friday I had my eyes checked to get new glasses. My third prescription in about 11 years. For the third time in a row….my eyesight has improved! The optometrist is floored. She has never seen this happen before. She has no idea why or how.

I told her I know why………Chiropractic Care. I get regular chiropractic care and my body functions as it should. It takes care of itself. Except for that silly thyroid glad some asswipe doctor destroyed 27 years ago. Want to feel good and have your body work like it’s supposed to??? Get your nervous system tuned up and it will!

~Shenna Shotwell