Slide Out Popped

Mar 12, 2017 2:48pm

So………a few days ago, we were supposed to be in Oklahoma City for a conference. Things were things and life was life-ing on us so we opted to head back to NC instead. We drove thru snow for about 6 hours yesterday and eventually got ahead of the storm when we got to Statesville. Since we had been driving since 6:30am yesterday morning, and it was going to be dark when we got home, we decided to stay in Statesville for the night. We woke up and had some coffee and started to pack up to leave for home.

My job is the easy one. I get to push the buttons for the slides. I pushed “Door Side In” and heard this loud POP!!!! So loud in fact I about shat myself!! Well….turns out our slide in arm weld has popped off!!! Just a clean snap!!! And we will be staying another night in Statesville!!!!! BLESSING!!!!!! We are three miles from Camping World!!! We are completely under warranty and we still have three days of vacation left!!!!

We, again, are so blessed and highly favored!!! Had we gone to Oklahoma City and this had happened we would have been in a large pickle!!! Instead, we listened to Creator. Trusted our gut and looked how it turned out for us!!! We are less than 3 hours from home!!!! We are in a beautiful Campground and we are safe!!! When things aren’t going the way we want them to, it’s time to stop and pay attention to what’s going on. Listen to your gut. Make changes to plans and act!! Most people never say, “Gee I wish I hadn’t paid attention to my hunch!”

Again, thank you Creator!! Thank you for giving us the ability to hear You.

~ Shenna Shotwell

4 Wheel Mical

Ok. I can breathe now. I have to say how grateful I am to our Creator. He could have so easily taken my son Saturday night but chose not to. That phone call from my beautiful and amazing daughter-n-law yesterday morning was possibly the scariest phone call I have ever had. Mical was in a horrific 4 wheeler accident on Saturday.

A 1,200 pound Polaris landed on his back after he was tossed off of it. You can see a perfect roll bar stripe on his back in the photos they sent to me. His spine and brain are good! He has 6 broken ribs and puncture wounds to the lungs. Other than that, he is itching to get out of the hospital. I truly don’t know how many times I have said Thank You to our Creator. Chelsea just sent me a photo of Mical sitting up in his bed. He’s going to be fine. Again, I am so grateful!!!!

Y’all…..we do not know when it’s our time to go. Please make sure to tell those you love that you do love them. Make sure they know it. We never know when we are getting our last chance.

~Shenna Shotwell