Freedom – HEALTH – Happiness

You wouldn’t be reading these words
if you weren’t searching for something
to be different about your current
state of health.

Are you sleeping? Do you have trouble falling asleep? Trouble staying asleep?
How’s your appetite? Can you resist all those cravings that are unhealthy? Do you “crash” after eating?
Are you at your ideal body weight? Have you tried diets in the past to no avail?
Is exercise painful?
Do you feel like your just not as young as you used to be?
Do you remember a time in your life when you felt better than you do today? or Do you have a vision of what healthy is?
If you answer affirmatively to more than 1 of these questions, you are in the perfect place. I can help you!
Your body is the sum total of all the things you have done in your life up to this point.
As humans, we all start our earthly experience the same; we are born into our own unique human vessel. Our vessel is the sum total of what we have to work with in our lifetime. Each time we participate in any activity, we either add to or subtract from that vessel of health. When we subtract too much from our vessel, we start feeling the effects of it; we start feeling symptoms.
Honest introspection generally reveals a progression of symptoms that brought the human body to a perceived break point; the point that the symptoms became unbearable to deal with any longer. In my experience of over 12,000 patient visits, I have never had a patient come into my office that had an unexplainable chronic health situation. The human body is a very logical organism; it does things for a reason.
Ignoring the cause of a problem doesn’t mean the problem doesn’t exist! This just the way the majority of Western medicine operates.
This is where I excel as a physician.
I intuitively connect with the point where the body was derailed from experiencing health and immediately get to work on repairing the infrastructure, allowing a different expression. This derailment could be a significant trauma like a motor vehicle accident or something seemingly far less significant like a roller coaster ride. Whatever the occurrence, I am able to connect with the structural and physiological changes that have taken place and get the body reset in a different trajectory.
Changing the expression of the body in a permanent fashion involves looking at the entire organism and not trying to compartmentalize health. I start by listening to the patient and obtaining a comprehensive history including prior treatments. With this as groundwork, I do a thorough evaluation of the central nervous system which is the master operating system; our hard drive, if you will. I then look at blood work to determine the status of the body’s cellular makeup and I evaluate all the different forms of toxic exposure that contribute to dis-ease. When I have enough information to complete all the pieces of the wheel of health, I am able to come up with a unique plan for creating change.
A problem can not be fixed in the same paradigm that it was created in.
We have to change and evolve in order for our body to do the same.
I take an individual approach that will helps create a state of freedom, health and happiness in the body.
If you are ready to experience the change you deserve, schedule your free consultation now with Dr. Cheryl and start feeling better and living the life you deserve.